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We can sum up this month’s list with two words: Venture Capital. A bunch of companies raised money in October, and jobs are the fruit.  

This month’s startup jobs are below (and here’s the September 2015 installment):


The Durham startup that helps governments archive and track social media activity is hiring a full stack software engineer, sales rep and digital marketing manager. It got a boost from investor Steve Case in May when he put $100K in the startup at Rise of the Rest (story and video interview here.) How to apply.
The New York-headquartered startup with roots in the Triangle lets people buy items through their social media feeds. It’s building up its Durham development office with designer, DevOps engineer and Java programming jobs available. The new workers will likely report to Durham-based CTO Matt Senter who graduated from NC State University. Cosmic Cart also has a local investor in Cofounders Capital’s Alex Osadzinski and attorney, Glen CaplanApply here.


A sales representative with two or three years of tech or SaaS experience and an account manager are needed at the Durham startup that pairs a tech platform with an on-demand workforce in Nepal to complete huge data-intense tasks for businesses around the world. Both job descriptions are here.


A Y Combinator graduate offering on demand local delivery services in cities around the U.S. is coming to North Carolina. Several management positions are open in Charlotte, and a city manager will be hired in Durham to report to the statewide GM. The company starts with restaurant delivery, promising your food within an hour and with no minimum order requirement. Here’s the Durham City Manager job posting.


Here’s a way to show off and build up leadership skills at a fast-growing venture-backed startup. FilterEasy, the company that ships air filters to homes as a subscription service, is hiring a director of operations to assist the COO in a variety of software development, procedural and reporting tasks. Directions for how to apply are here.


Engineers and a mobile developer are needed at the Durham startup with an app to keep you from getting distracted at work or school by blocking you from using your various devices and apps. The company raised $350,000 this year to accelerate its growth to what it hopes to be hundreds of millions of people around the world. Here are the job descriptions.


With 95 percent of all intramural programs and hundreds of fitness centers and clubs using its platform, this Raleigh startup led by a pair of brothers is in need of a product designer and software engineer to continue its development and growth. Job descriptions are here.


With nearly $2 million in new funding and a large contract with a Pennsylvania chain of senior living communities, K4Connect is building up a team to bring to market its technology that connects devices, systems and applications in one mobile app to give seniors and people with disabilities more control over their homes and lives. Job descriptions for a pair of developers, a field technology specialist and a data scientist are here.


On the heels of landing an $11 million Series A, this Raleigh software startup will double the size of its team by the end of 2015 and do it again in 2016. 15 positions in nearly every business division are already listed on the startup’s website. Here’s a chance to work with serial entrepreneurs in enterprise software with the backing of Silicon Valley investors. Jobs include recruiters, iOS developers, engineers, business development, marketing and design.


RevBoss announced its first outside investment last week for its automated way of helping clients generate outbound sales leads. The $1.1 million from local investors is helping it hire sales and business development representatives and beef up its engineering team in American Underground in Durham. Open positions there include a vice president of engineering and a software engineer. All four jobs are detailed here.


Unbundling the homebuying process is a big job, but $1.6 million in funding over the last several months is helping this Durham startup make it happen. At least six positions will be filled in the next six months. So far, a marketing director position is listed on AngelList. Stay tuned for updates.


The Durham company taking advantage of an influx of paying for stuff using a mobile phone is fast acquiring retail, travel and other customers that transact business digitally. It also raised $2.5 million from European investors in recent months to add 23 people to its team in the next year. Engineering, support, sales and business development and accounting and office management positions are already open. A perk for this company—paid maternity and paternity leave and an open vacation policy. Take off when you want.


With a collaboration platform used by sports teams across the NCAA and a new deal with Adidas underway, the Durham startup founded by a Duke University football player is moving fast. Account manager and executive, web developer, and quality assurance engineer are the positions open today


The company providing software and mobile apps that help public transit agencies better optimize ridership and routes has systems engineer, mobile developer, PR specialist and accounting jobs open. The company is based in Research Triangle Park in Durham, and is led by serial entrepreneurs. Job descriptions are here.


An HR manager, iOS software engineer and mobile engineering manager are needed at the venture-backed Durham company that makes it easy for healthcare systems to collect data from dozens of fitness and health tracking devices in existence today. Positions are listed here.


One of two startups chosen for the Center for Advanced Hindsight’s inaugural startup lab program at Duke University is looking for a CTO to join the team and build a financial services product based on learnings during the accelerator. Up to 10 percent equity is offered in return for a chance to build a startup from the ground up. Here’s the job.


Now with two mobile apps helping women aggregate photos from major life events, WedPics is ramping up its team with positions like marketing manager, marketing data analyst, Android and iOS developer positions open. WedPics launched its new Photo app last month—more on that here. And here are the jobs, listed on AngelList.

Written Word Media

If you love to read and write, this startup job might be perfect for you. The owner of a handful of book discovery sites is hiring a content and marketing specialist to create content, execute marketing strategies, analyze those strategies and engage in social media. Check out the job here. And more on Written Word Media here.