A Place at the Table, a new donation-based cafe located near NC State’s campus, will launch an Indiegogo Campaign on October 1. The campaign will run through October 30th with the goal of raising$100,000  The funds will go towards building a kitchen, the upfit the restaurant space, and start up expenses such as rent, utilities, and building costs. Their goal is to open their doors by July 2016.

A Place at the Table stands out among the many crowd funding campaigns circulating the web.  Its mission is critical and addresses a real need. It is estimated that there are  over 1,098 persons in Wake County experiencing homelessness. 

According to the US Census, North Carolina is the 5th most food insecure state in the nation, and a staggering 16.1 percent of people live at or below the poverty line and are at high risk of homelessness.  In Wake County alone, 1 in 7 people are food insecure. Over the past three years, 1242 visits were made to the Feed The Pack Food Pantry at NCSU’s campus which is directly across from A Place at the Table’s future location.

A Place at the Table hopes to address the larger issue—the social stigma that exists around homelessness and poverty.  Through the common act of sharing a meal, A Place at the Table  hopes to foster a socially-minded community and create an environment where people from all walks and backgrounds come together. 

The founder, Maggie Kane, is a 24-year-old activist and NCSU graduate who has spent the past four years of her life building personal relationships with the homeless population in Raleigh.  After spending three years at Love Wins, a local nonprofit and hospitality house for those experiencing homelessness, Kane became increasingly convinced that she could best serve through her passion for cooking and for sharing meals with her newfound friends.  

A Place at the Table (APATT) is a pay-what-you-can nonprofit cafe on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh, NC. Its mission is to provide community and healthy food for all regardless of means. APATT believes that all people should have access to healthy and affordable food while experiencing dignity in a restaurant where they can enjoy a meal with others. Healthy food will be the tool for providing hospitality to all people

Website: www.aplaceatthetableraleigh.org