Chris Helvly of the Startup Factory says he’s “pretty jazzed” about publication of his first book, “Build the Fort,” which he says is “Who Meets My Cheese,” melded with “Zero to One.”

“It’s an easy read that is one part inspiration, one part my lessons learned, and one part “let’s think like a kid.” If you have ever started your own company, or just thought about starting your own company, then this book is for you,” Helvly tells WRAL TechWire.

The book starts with the true story of Helvly and his brother and friends building a fort. “Out of this story are some simple lessons” which you can apply to your own startup dreams, he adds.

Build the Fort outlines five basic elements that are common to both fort-building and startups:
• Socializing Your Idea without fear or inhibition,
• Identifying and Marshaling the People You Trust,
• Gathering the Minimal Resources Closest To You,
• Acting on the Smallest and Simplest of the Idea, and
• Build the Fort

Here’s a link to the book’s Amazon page: