One big aha from putting BetaBox mobile prototyping labs at 50 different sites over the last year is that many people aren’t happy in their jobs.
And it’s not because they don’t like the work. It’s because they don’t like the time-off policies or style of management or lack of entrepreneurial spirit. Other dealbreakers come in to play when you spend the majority of your time in a job.
And so the team of engineers at Betaversity got to work building software that would help recruiting or hiring managers mine their existing staff for their experiences at work and then create surveys based on the data to send to potential candidates. The thought was that providing more information up front could help determine the best cultural fit and save the approximately $80,000 companies spend each time an employee leaves his or her job.
Founder Sean Maroni introduced the new software called Dorsal during a pitch on the main stage at Tuesday’s CED Tech Venture Conference. It’s not yet live, but interested beta testers can sign up on the Dorsal website. We bring you this report from Exit Event via our content sharing agreement.

Aggressive growth plans

Betaversity recently shared aggressive growth plans for BetaBox and its accompanying portfolio project software, so this appears to be an addition to the company’s portfolio of products. On stage, Maroni shared that he’s got $250,000 in revenue committed for BetaBox and a $400,000 run rate over the next 12 months. He’s got a team of six working on Dorsal at HQ Raleigh. His lead investor is an active local angel named Bill Spruill.
It’s not entirely clear how the product works for hiring managers, employees and job candidates. But Maroni says it’s more than recruiting software. It’s a company’s “Human API”, making the experience of working at a company “discoverable, searchable and actionable.”
Maroni believes the market is big—75,000 people take new jobs every day and data shows that half of those leave within 18 months. Turnover has increased five times over the last 15 years. It’s a problem that plagues companies.
It also appears to fit with the larger goal of Betaversity. Maroni told ExitEvent last month that his goal in all of his products is to help Millennials find the right jobs.