In a new survey conducted by RTI International for the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster, 123 executives from tech and energy firms were asked what “kind of support” they wanted in order to boost economic growth. From lower taxes to more marketing and training, changes in education and mass transit, here is the full list.

Companies are planning to add lots of jobs, the survey found. But there are needs for highly skilled workers.

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The survey question:

What kind of support would you like to see from organizations from the government sector or private interest groups to help your company with its talent challenges and opportunities?

The results:

  • Marketing – Expose companies to wider markets
  • Training:
    • In rural areas for rural workers
    • Emerging technologies
    • Diversity
    • Leadership
    • Academies for coders and digital marketers
  • More proactive in economic development – NC Office of Energy more involved in technology and energy sectors
  • Collaboration
    • Help companies find better ways to collaborate on opportunities and opportunities for low-risk project-based learning
    • Networking on topical areas (employers and employees)
  • Cost-Effective Ways to Identify Talent – Headhunters are expensive
  • Programs, Grants or Incentives for:
    • Entrepreneurship, to attract more entrepreneurs to the region
    • Training staff on the cutting-edge technologies and team building
    • Hiring incentives for small companies to bring in skilled staff
  • Lower Taxes
  • Free Trade – Strengthen understanding of how to export/sell to other countries
  • Education
    • Student access to high-level technology –
    • Expose students to private-sector executives so they can learn about career paths firsthand from industry
    • Ensure high school graduates can read, do math, communicate, follow instructions, and work in teams
    • More support of universities and competitive salaries within universities
    • Any programs at any level that increase the quality of the talent pool
    • High school emphasis on trade, undergraduate emphasis on understanding IT
  • Mass Transit
    • Airport hub
    • Local/regional transit, light rail