Someone or some group or some company obviously doesn’t like Epic Games. The award-winning video game and technology studio in Cary has been hit by a phishing attack just a month after being hacked.

“Important Message from Epic Games – Phishing Attack,” Epic warned in one of its forums Thursday.

“Hi everyone,

“We are experiencing a phishing attack.

“Please DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS contained within emails claiming to be from us (anyone at Epic Games) until further notice, and as always do not give out sensitive information such as login credentials.

“If you have any questions regarding this matter, please post them here and we will try to answer them.

“We are currently investigating and will keep this thread updated as we have more information.”

Check this link for updates:

In July, Epic shut down its forums following a hack.

The company, which developed best-selling games such as Infinity Blade, Gears of War, and Unreal Tournament, advised those who may be affected to change their username and password as soon as possible. While it doesn’t maintain any hackable financial information, the company said, it nevertheless warned users to beware of any phishing attempts or other suspicious activity.

In addition to its games, Epic is also well known for its widely used Unreal Engine technology.

Epic sent email to its forum members saying that unknown hackers may have accessed their user names, passwords, and birthdates.

Affected channels, according to Epic’s message to users, included Bulletstorm, Gears of War, Infinity Blade, UDK, and older Unreal Tournament games. It added that the separate forum sites covering Unreal Engine 4, Fortnite and the new Unreal Tournament were unaffected.