NEW: The guide was updated 1/14/16 with the post Scot Wingo’s 2016 List of Triangle “Tweeners”. Stay tuned for more updates!

I recently wrote about Triangle Tweeners—those companies that are not early stage, but also not late stage. This was in response to an influx of new talented folks entering the Triangle and looking for a great company to join. 

Well, the response to that article was a bit overwhelming. Since then, I’ve had even more inbound folks ask about other parts of the ecosystem. Even long-time local entrepreneurs and other members of the ecosystem have asked questions like: 
  • Thanks for the Tweener list, can you do one for late and early stage? 
  • Where in the Triangle can I connect with a tech founder (or biz)?
  • Does the Triangle have any incubators? 
  • Who are the best mentors for my idea in the Triangle? 
  • I know that NCSU, UNC and Duke have some entrepreneurial resources, what are they? 
  • I live in XX (insert one of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, etc.), is there any startup community that’s local to me? 

That got me thinking—while there is tons of great content if you are already pretty familiar with the Triangle ecosystem and want to keep up to date with it, I’ve never seen an introductory type guide for those moving to the Triangle or for those who have been here a while in a non-entrepreneurial capacity and are now interested in jumping into the community. 

Introducing ‘Scot’s Guide to the Triangle Startup Ecosystem’ 

Over the next series of posts, I plan to flush out more about the Triangle Startup Ecosystem with the end goal being a comprehensive, living guide for folks new to our area or the startup community. 
At the heart of the framework for this ecosystem is startups. As previously mentioned, the framework has three tiers of startups: