​What happens when you put 10 entrepreneurs together in a house located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh for nine months?

Innovation. Company building. Learning. Collaboration. Fun.

At least that’s what HQ Raleigh co-founders, Christopher Gergen, Jason Widen, Brooks Bell and Jesse Lipson hoped for when they created the ThinkHouse program back in 2013 with the mission to “surround young entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and community they need in order to help them scale their business venture,” says HQ Raleigh Director of Community Development Liz Tracy. 

Tracy says that she and the ThinkHouse leaders have learned a lot through the past two years of the program. So much that they’re confident enough to open two additional houses this year in Durham and Greensboro, along with accepting a record 10 young people into the house in Raleigh’s Boylan Heights.

This year welcomes the first ThinkHouseU in Greensboro, just steps from the University of North Carolina—Greensboro, with eight student entrepreneurs from that campus and North Carolina A&T State University. 

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