Raleigh-based Ateb Inc, which sells pharmacy-based patient engagement solutions, plans to almost double its existing footprint at its recently completed North American headquarters in Raleigh.

Ateb constructed a 37,500 square foot office building, located at 11125 Forest Pines Drive, which generated an additional 25 percent growth in the company’s overall head count. It employs about 150 people in Raleigh. It plans to increase its office space to 65,000 square feet.

The company said this expansion is a result of the company’s $3 million infrastructure investment to strengthen its intuitive technology solutions. Ateb says it is the leading provider of medication synchronization to independent and chain pharmacies with more than 500,000 pharmacy patients enrolled nationwide.

In a statement, President and CEO Frank Shepherd said, “Ateb’s intuitive platform enables our pharmacy partners to transform to an appointment based model to improve patient medication adherence and the overall quality of patient care to benefit patients, pharmacies, and ultimately, the payers, We strongly believe that reducing healthcare costs through improved pharmacy engagement is the answer to realizing true savings in the new healthcare ecosystem.”

For more information see: ; http://www.ateb.com