Top career options look different than they did at the end of the recession six years ago, and they will likely look even more different a decade from now.

A new list of jobs best poised for growth now, and in the long-term, reflects the impact of technology across all disciplines.

Stacy Rapacon, an online editor for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, compiled the list based on projected job growth, current openings, salaries and the education required.

Jobs like computer systems analyst, information security analyst and app developer are on the list, but the influence of technology crosses all fields.

“Advancing technology was one common thread throughout the whole thing,” Rapacaon said.

“Even in the health care professions, it’s really the advancing technology in applying medicine and addressing medical issues that have driven a lot of these jobs.”

Technical advances have sparked growth for jobs like health services manager – overseeing and securing digital patient records and medical sonographer, as imaging equipment replaces more invasive procedures.

With an aging population, Rapacon said, the medical field will have many other opportunities for traditional jobs, like registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physical therapists, and for new roles, like community service managers to facilitate things like adult day care programs and meal-delivery services.