Nine teams came together over a 54-hour period to develop apps providing assistance for the disabled as part of Triangle Startup Weekend’s “Trailblazers” conference in Durham at the American Underground @ Main, and “The Blank App” team produced the winner.

AT&T developed the app sponsorship as part of a 25th anniversary recognition of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some $100,000 in prize money is available in a national competition in July.

The Blank App Team produced ab app to make web experiences more accessible to people who are visually impaired by using technology that will translate visuals with sound.

Among the other teams:

  • Kinder walk is an app that serves as an auditory guide within buildings for the visually impaired.  The app utilizes GPS to navigate throughout buildings.  The team has eight members, one coming all the way from Greenville, S.C.
  • Multithreaded: A platform to connect new talent and people looking for career direction with local resources and tools to achieve their goals and meet the needs of their community.