Promising to help wireless customers to break contracts without paying early termination fees and setting up a new account within seven days, Raleigh-based CellBreaker formally launched service Thursday. Right now, customers can use CellBreaker “for free.”

“It takes 20 seconds to create a free CellBreaker account and we instantly monitor your contracts to tell you if you’ve been screwed,” writes CEO and founder Jon Colgan wrote in a blog.

“If you have and you want to get out, just give us 7 days.”

His firm is focused on “allowing you to switch to any new cell phone carrier in 7 days with no bogus termination fees.”

He adds: “It’s free to start.”

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While carriers say they will pay the fees that can run into the hundreds of dollars to get contracts transferred, Cellbreaker is promising something different.

Basically, CellBreaker is positioning itself as an alternative to the carriers’ own “pay-to-switch” campaigns by offering a constant monitoring of wireless carrier contracts and alerting customers when the big companies have broken agreements, thus giving subscribers a legal out.

CellBreaker also had said it would launch a new marketplace today called “Veeto” which would help match wireless customers and carriers. However, in a blog posted late Wednesday Colgan said Veeto wasn’t quite ready.

This is the second go-round for CellBreaker’s service. The company ran out of money last year but is launching after a reboot funded with a $75,000 cash infusion from the 500 Startups new business accelerator in San Francisco.

Cellbreaker’s promises:

  • “Say NO to ETFs! [early termination fees]

“We get you out of paying your full Early Termination Fee, guaranteed.

  • “Switch to ANY Carrier

“We make it easy and affordable to switch to any of the top cell carriers.

  • “From Start to Switch in 7 Days

“That’s right! Once you get started, we can get you switched to a new carrier in less than 7 days.”

Saving thousands more than $156,000

CellBreaker already has a track record and has received a wealth of media coverage for its efforts.

So far, CellBreaker says it has saved customers $156,430 in early termination fees avoided and has detected 5,526 contract breaches.

To date, CellBreaker says it has helped nearly 6,400 people.

“Consumer Justice”

Colgan says he is out for “consumer justice” – and more.

“It’s a story, a vision, and a movement to make cell phone carriers accountable to you, the consumer,” he wrote.

“There will always be contracts and there will always be companies trying to screw you over or spin some clever legal language to pretend you’re not stuck or pretend that you pay less. Fact is, they aren’t looking to make less money from you, they are looking to make more money. CellBreaker holds them accountable to you for delivering the service you paid for and deserve.

“You are not some pawn in a game to be played with. You are a hard-working person who expects to be treated fairly and with dignity. You are held accountable for your actions on a daily basis and so should the carriers.”

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