With two of its first four companies already having received funding, SoarTriangle is now aiming to boost the business success chances of six more female-led startups in the Triangle.

“The Triangle entrepreneurship community has shown itself to be a leader in promoting gender diversity in business, and we believe our organization only bolsters what is already a strong effort to close the funding gap for female entrepreneurs here,” said Lauren Whitehurst, one of the principals at SoarTriangle.

SoarTriangle, which launched a year ago, aims to “close the proven funding gap facing female entrepreneurs in the Triangle by providing structured mentorship tailored to individual company needs while also offering general best practices and awareness for fundraising.”

The mentoring program covers six months.

Summaries of the new selections

The new selections from 25 applicants are:

  • Akili Software, which is introducing Savii Care, a cloud based workflow management platform revolutionizing the way private duty home care, independent, and assisted living companies collaborate, communicate, and coordinate care. (www.akilisoftware.co)
  • Avelist, an online platform that exists to help people navigate through new situations and life transitions. It’s full of organized tips and recommendations on many topics including career changes, relocation to a new city, buying a home, wedding planning, pregnancy, parenting, and more. (www.avelist.com)
  • Imvere, LLC: Founded by renowned soccer athlete Cindy Parlow Cone, ImVere LLC is creating an inner-ear device that accurately monitors head impact, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate in order to prevent concussion.
  • Sweetie Pie Organics is an organic children snacks company devoted to providing only the purest and the highest quality products. (www.sweetiepieorganics.com)
  • Task Torch is a task management and collaboration platform to help teams more effectively communicate and coordinate their work. (www.tasktorch.com)
  • Tom and Jenny’s is a healthy candies company using natural ingredients that reduce cavity-causing bacteria, are lower glycemic index, and have fewer calories. (www.tomandjennys.com)

SoarTriangle principals include:John Austin, Lauren Whitehurst, Vickie Gibbs, Adam Klein and Kimberly Jenkins.

The 2014 class update

Mati Energy and Personal learning Games already have secured financial backing, having gone through the first SoarTriangle program in 2014.

SoarTriangle tells WTW that Personal learning Games is raising a seed round of up to $300,000 with some of the funding already committed.

Mati Energy, meanwhile, has received plenty of publicity after landing $100,000 from AOL Founder Steve Case in the Google startup challenge.

The other two companies mentored last year were BaseTrace and DragonWing Girlgear. “There is no current public information to report for fundraising,” SoarTriangle says.