Ben Weinberger, the co-founder and CEO of digital media technology firm Digitalsmiths which he sold to TiVo, is joining Sling TV as a senior executive.

TiVo acquired Digitalsmiths in January of 2014 for $135 million.

Sling TV is operated by satellite TV company Dish.

At Sling, which is based in Englewood, Col., Weinberger will serve as senior vice president and chief product officer.

His hiring was announced Monday.

Weinberger will report directly to Sling CEO Roger Lynch. 

“In joining Sling TV, I’ve gained the opportunity to lead a talented team whose entrepreneurial spirit will continue to redefine television,” Weinberger said in a statement.

“Sling TV is the future of television, and we are rapidly growing an organization that will shape how consumers view video entertainment for generations to come.”

Weinberger helped pioneer video search technology at Digitalsmiths that made it an attractive target for TiVo. Numerous cable TV ventures utilize Digitalsmiths technology.

Sling TV is looking to Weinberger to now help that emerging company manage a growing inventory of products.

“Since Sling TV’s arrival four months ago, we have added more than 40 domestic channels and thousands of hours of on-demand titles,” Lynch said. “This influx of programming makes it increasingly important that our content discovery process connects consumers quickly and seamlessly to the sports, shows and movies they love. Ben’s background makes him the ideal fit to lead our effort in creating a world class next-generation TV experience.”

Sling provides video content via streaming and on demand.

Digitalsmiths remains based in Durham as part of TiVo.