Not every startup rises to a $200 million sale as Durham-based Bronto Software did. Not every startup even becomes profitable. Many fail. So what are the lessons that can be learned from those failures?

A day-long program in Raleigh titled “Fail fest” on Wednesday will explore the lessons.

Jeff Hoffman, a co-founder of Priceline will also be delivering the keynote: “Success and Failure.”

Hoffman will be talking from a variety of experiences. He not only is a motivational speaker but also a Hollywood film producer, and a producer of a Grammy winning jazz album in 2015.

So what is Fail Fest?

“We’re bringing the community together to share some of our biggest flops, talk about the lessons we’ve learned,reframe the conversation around risk-taking and, well, failing; [to] push ourselves out of our comfort zones and maybe even learn to juggle,” the organizers say.


“We’re on a mission to erase the stigma around failure. The more we talk about it, the more we can learn from it. Failure doesn’t have to be fatal!”

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