When it comes to services that clients can use for management of promotional campaigns across multiple channels, IBM and SAS lead the way, according to a new study from research firm Gartner. Why?

For one, IBM (NYSE: IBM) has boosted its capabilities through the acquisition of email marketing firm Silverpop in Atlanta (led by former Triangle entrepreneur Bill Nussey).

And SAS?

“SAS offers solid basic and advanced functions for campaign management, as well as strong advanced analytics, such as analytics segmentation and optimization, which are integrated into the campaign process,” Gartner writes.

Multichannel marketing services are extremely important to SAS, growing revenues at 10 percent a year and accounting for more than $400 million of SAS’ annual $3 billion in revenue, Gartner reports.

Both companies regularly rank well in Gartner’s detailed studies across a variety of services.

Gartner’s latest Multichannel Campaign Management, or MCCM, report was published earlier this week. IBM and SAS rank 1-2 in the highest quadrant (“Leaders”) with Terradata, Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce also listed.

Here’s how Gartner defines “leaders:”

“Leaders consistently do considerably better in overall campaign management performance for basic and advanced campaigns, and for integration with digital marketing. They have high market visibility, high market penetration, strong market momentum and a strategic vision for growing the campaign management business.”

Keys to Gartner’s study include:

  • Basic campaign management includes functions for segmentation, campaign creation, campaign workflow and campaign execution.
  • Advanced analytic functions include predictive analytics and campaign optimization.
  • Advanced execution functions include loyalty management, content management, event triggering, and real-time offer management in inbound and outbound environments.
  • Digital marketing capabilities include ad management, content marketing, mobile and social marketing, Web, and email marketing. Digital marketing extends the marketing process through channels such as the Web, email, video, mobile and social applications, point-of-sale terminals, interactive TV, and digital signage and kiosks.
  • MCCM offerings may also integrate marketing

IBM highlights

IBM “supports a broad range of industries with a wide global reach and lasting viability,” the report says/ “Consider IBM’s MCCM capabilities when you need strong segmentation, broad functions and multiple deployment options.”

Among IBM strengths are the incoroporation of Silverpop (bought in 2014). IBM also offers “several other applications that add mostly advanced campaign management functions, such as “Contact Optimization, Interact, Digital Analytics, SPSS Modeler Advantage Marketing Edition, Social Media Analytics and Tealeaf.”

Silverpop provided “stronger digital marketing capabilities (particularly email marketing) and improved B2B lead management. Integration with Digital Analytics enhances the behavioral profile of Silverpop Engage. Silverpop Engage and Xtify give IBM needed cloud delivery and digital channels for IBM Campaign.”

IBM plans to expand its Silverpop capabilities to Europe and Asia, Gartner adds. Plus: “IBM will make available real-time simulation for decision logic that models different points of interactions and capabilities to collaboratively design customer experiences.”

Clients in the report told Gartner that “Silverpop Engage, in combination with IBM Digital Analytics, are powerful yet simple enough for nontechnical business users to manage complex programs.”

However, there were “cautions” such as “only adequate support” in some areas, a “lack of integration” among some tools and a “complete solution” requires “implementation of multiple products and deployment models.”

SAS highlights

Gartner points out that SAS “is strong in the financial services, telecommunications, retail and insurance industries, but it has customers across most industries globally. Consider SAS if you are pursuing B2B and B2C opportunities and require advanced analytics or a solid MCCM foundation that includes data management and business intelligence.”

Cited strengths include:

  • “solid basic and advanced functions for campaign management”
  • “strong advanced analytics, such as analytics segmentation and optimization”

SAS also is adding new capabilities through a 33 percent increase in research and development funding for its Customer Intelligence platform, Gartner noted.

After talking with “references,” Gartner noted that they “like the powerful functions (especially segmentation), which handle multiple types of campaigns — from simple to big and complex” as well as “flexibility, spped and ease of use” in Customer Intelligence

“Cautions” include “somewhat disjointed service and support, although other references note that support and responsiveness have improved” and clients that can best use SAS are those with “significant technology resources and in-house analysts who can take advantage of the advanced analytics capabilities for MCCM.”

For a free downoald of the report, see a press release from Terradata at: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/teradata-positioned-in-leaders-quadrant-of-gartner-magic-quadrant-for-multichannel-campaign-management-for-10th-consecutive-year-300067279.html