As events clearly demonstrated around the Southeast Venture Conference in Charlotte two weeks ago, entrepreneurship is blossoming in the Queen City. And several groups are banding together to quantify just what is going on.

David Jones, founder and CEO of information technology services firm Peak 10, teamed up with Terry Cox of Charlotte’s Business, Innovation and Growth Council (or BIG) to create what they call the “Annual Entrepreneurial Index.”

The annual report gathered information to share with investors, economic developers and media about how Charlotte is becoming a boomtown for startups – and not just in financial services. The Charlotte Venture Challenge and SEVC helped showcase Charlotte’s rising talent, and Packard Place is the city’s equivalent of the Triangle’s American Underground for new as well as emerging ventures.

Now, Jones and Cox have recruited Ventureprise, a regional non-profit economic partnership, to broaden the Charlotte area index. (Note: )

The Urban Institute will gather the data, and companies that decide to participate are being assured that information will be kept confidential. The Foundation for the Carolinas is providing funding. The report is due in July.

The new report will be called the Charlotte Entrepreneur Growth Report (CEGR).

Just as the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s own index is helping track what’s happening across the Triangle and the state, the BIG-Ventureprise effort will be putting hard facts on the table about what’s happening, where it’s happening, who are the players and where are the hot prospects.

In announcing the expanded report, Jones noted:

“The Charlotte region continues to grow through the contributions of our high growth entrepreneurial community. An important part of the region’s economic future is to continue to develop the supporting infrastructure that enables entrepreneurial companies to grow.”

A big supporter (no pun intended) is Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter, who says the report will augment the city’s “High Growth Entrepreneur Survey.”

For more information, contact:

  • Eric Caratao at or by calling 704-687-1191.
  • Terry Cox at 704-927-8064 (
  • Paul Wetenhall at 704-687-8057 (

A link to participate in the survey can be found at the BIG Council web site.