Maybe Lenovo’s Y.Y, will let lose a few yells and the horn will scream – but not for a goal – at PNC Arena today.

No Stanley Cup Playoffs for the Hurricanes this year, but there will be a playoff atmosphere in the place courtesy of Lenovo.

General Manager and Coach Yang Yuanqing (i.e. Y.Y., chairman and CEO) will be leading the cheers as the growing tech giant launches efforts to further boost sales around the globe. Revenues of $50 billion this year, topping a record $48 billion (estimated for fiscal year 2014)? A billion in profits, up from an estimated $840 million, perhaps?

Already No. 1 in PCs at record global market share of nearly 20 percent, Y.Y. is aiming to be the champ in smartphones, servers and Internet devices, too. Expect to hear a lot of cheering from the Lenovo faithful. Yes, its PC sales keep rising even as the market trends downward. (One blip could be a recent reported drop in smartphone shipments.)

They may not all be Caniancs but they do know how to celebrate as has been clearly demonstrated at previous Lenovo kickoffs downtown at the Raleigh Civic Center.

But Lenovo is growing so fast that it outgrew the Civic Center and reserved PNC for the day. Several thousand Lenovo employees will be on hand, including many brought in from outside the Triangle. Y.Y.’s kickoffs are put on around the world (Lenovo operates in some 160 countries), and they are meant to rally the troops, clarify goals and missions, hand out a variety of awards – and especially this year introduce either new leaders – or leaders in different roles. (See links with this story for recent changes.)

For the first time, a kickoff also includes teams from IBM’s former x86 business and Google’s former Motorola Mobility. They were represented at last year’s event, but since the big deals Lenovo pulled off (worth some $6 billion) hadn’t closed, the attendees were there somewhat unofficially.

Today, Lenovo’s x86 and server businesses are all combined, have new office space in RTP, and are making a run at becoming the world’s top server company.

Motorola under the Lenovo banner has lifted Lenovo to the No. 3 spot in smartphone sales behind Samsung and Apple.

Y.Y. wants to be No. 1 in both.

So Lenovo is bigger than ever, its revenues are growing, its headcount is growing, and for a few moments today PNC will see some celebration.

But one can bet that Coach Y.Y. also will admonish the troops that a new year means new opportunities and challenges.

Sell, sell, sell.