“The Force” can now be streamed.

The Walt Disney Co., which owns Lucasfilm Ltd., and 20th Century Fox are releasing a digital collection of all six episodes of the Star Wars series.

Amazon is offering the digital downloads at $19.99 each or all six in a package for $89.99.

Various services will start selling them on Friday. Disney is also releasing added features to the films, including extras from each film and deleted scenes.

Services selling the digital versions include Apple’s iTunes, Google Play, M-Go and Amazon.com Inc., among others.

But the news wasn’t met with universal acclaim.

“Are you seriously wanting 90$ for these movies? 20$ is too much for 1 film, charging just under 90$ for all is crazy. What epoch are you living in Disney?,” posted one critic at Amazon.

Yet others are pleased.

“Excellent!,” responded a fan.

“Brings a newfound appreciation to an old franchise. It’s a good way to refresh yourself in preparation for the new movies, too!”

May the Force be with us all …

Read more about the offers at: http://www.starwars.com/the-star-wars-digital-movie-collection