The East Coast Game Conference opens in Raleigh today, and a highlight this year is the new “Audio Track” which will foucs on how audio is being used to not only communicate information but heighten players’ emotions.

“Audio is used in games to communicate information and to heighten emotion,” says event organizer Walter Rotenberry of Wake Tech.

“Great game music and sound effects make up a large part of any interactive experience. When done well, they can mesh with the visuals, the level design, and AI [artifical intelligence] behaviors to set a mood, provide player feedback, heighten tension, and help stitch together a gaming experience that won’t soon be forgotten.”

Rotenberry says he and other organizers beind the two-day conference ‘”have put together an amazing group of the audio experts from games and film to share their tips for success with attendees.”

The conference takes place at the Raleigh Convention Center.

“We have talks that run the gambit from learning how to break into the industry as an aspiring sound designer or composer, on up to advanced recording techniques for field capture of audio and designing the soundscape for a hit asymmetrical multiplayer game like ‘Evolve,'” Rotenberry explains.

The conference features panel discussions and gaming experts covering a wide variety of current topics, as well as an expo hall and career lounge.

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