AT&T is taking the battle for ultra-fast Internet business into Google’s own backyard, launching service this week in Cupertino – the hometown of Apple.

Coverage of the story in the Valley is quite interesting, with several stories focusing on AT&T beating Google to the fiber punch in Silicon Valley. Other stories focus on pricing. But the bottom line is this: Competition in fiber is heating up as it certainly is in the Triangle where AT&T, Google and Frontier all will soon be competing head-to-head.

Take a look.


“AT&T’s gigabit internet arrives in Apple’s backyard

“It’s official: AT&T is offering full-fledged gigabit internet service in Silicon Valley before Google. After months of teasing, the telecom has launched its U-verse GigaPower service in Cupertino, Apple’s home turf — and a quick drive away from Google’s headquarters, we’d add.”


“AT&T beats Google to Gigabit Internet in Silicon Valley

“Google has Fiber, but now Apple’s hometown has access to its own high-speed network thanks to AT&T. The company officially launched its U-verse GigaPower service in Cupertino on Monday, promising super-fast Internet in the Silicon Valley city.”

Silicon Valley Business Journal:

“Apple’s hometown Cupertino gets AT&T gigabit-per-second Internet

“AT&T Inc., is expanding its fiber-optic network to include Cupertino.”


“AT&T GigaPower aims to bring blazing-fast internet to Cupertino

“AT&T’s GigaPower broadband service claims to bring speeds of up to 1Gbps for $110 a month.”

Wall Street Journal:

“Google Pressures AT&T’s Broadband Prices

“AT&T Inc. brought its high-speed broadband service to Google Inc.’s backyard Monday, but at a higher price than in places where it competes with the Internet company. The telecom giant is offering its 1-gigabit-per-second GigaPower service for $110 a …”


“AT&T lights up 1 Gig service in Cupertino, Calif.

“AT&T (NYSE: T) has named Cupertino, Calif., as the latest destination that will get its emerging 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service U-verse with GigaPower. Set to be available in parts of the city, qualifying residential and business customers will be able …”


“Users who are able to get the new service speed will also get faster WiFi in the home or office thanks to an upgraded residential gateway that supports the latest WiFi technology. Gigapower customers will also be able to get TV service with the ability to watch and record up to five HD programs at one time.”