Outside of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Raleigh is the number one hot spot for tech startups and workers, according to the SelfStorage.com blog, which chose the top 12 based on five data points.

“Let’s say you’re ambitious, talented and looking to land a job at a tech startup. Where, outside of San Francisco and Silicon Valley are the prospective tech employers,” the blog asks.

To answer that question, they looked at five data points: local innovation, access to capital, access to educated workers, strength of the local tech startup scene, and local wage premium.

The first four criteria counted for a location and the last against it. They looked at data for the 50 biggest U.S. metro areas to identify the top 12 for tech startups and workers.

Raleigh came in number one because of the following facts:

Metro population: 1,162,689
Utility patent growth: 16 percent
Utility patents per 1,000 people: (2013): 1.19
Venture capital deals per 1,000 people: (2014): 0.04
Average value of venture capital deals: $6,685,238
Share of local population with bachelor’s degree in hard sciences or engineering: 8 percent
Share of local population with bachelor’s degree in business: 6 percent
New jobs at local tech startups per 1,000 people: 0.74
Local wage premium: -16 percent (remember, lower numbers are better)

Austin followed Raleigh at number 2. The rest were: 3: Denver; 4:Salt Lake City; 5: San Diego; 6: New Orleans; 7: Los Angeles; 8: Las Vegas; 9: Seattle; 10: Kansas City; 11: Miami; and 12: Portland (Oregon).

Read the full story at: http://moving.selfstorage.com/top-12-cities-for-tech-startups/