Only two Triangle companies are ranked – again – on Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” list. SAS makes the list every year and is No. 4 on the latest. But rising fast in consulting firm Kimley-Horn, which soared to 25th this year from 73rd. So why do employees rate the privately held firm so highly?

First things first: Kimley-Horn describes itself as a “land planning and design consulting firm that provides a wide range of engineering and planning services to both public and private clients.”

Second: It’s growing quickly with 2,001 workers, more than 400 of which were added in 2014.

Here is a selection of quotes from employees who responded to a survey from the “Best Companies” organization. How employees talk about their employer is crucial to determining the ranking:

  • “Young professionals are very active in putting on events that create a great sense of camaraderie throughout the office. There has always been a great sense of pride in the fact we are known for delivering high quality consulting services and are not just known as another engineering firm.”
  • “There is a great work environment and great people to work with. I appreciate the profit sharing in the form of employee bonuses and recognition of extra work and impact to the firm.”
  • “It is a professionally stimulating workplace because the vast majority of employees are very bright, creative, and dedicated team players.”
  • “This firm attracts employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, so everyone is self motivated, and there is no need to pick up anyone else’s slack.”
  • “Attention to the integration and follow-up actions associated with new employees is impressive.”
  • “The culture is special. It’s centered around service to clients, internal and external, with a very deliberate focus on making the firm feel like family in our service to clients. If you have an ambition here and it is legal, moral, ethical, and profitable, chances are, you can pursue it with support.”
  • “There is a strong sense of unity here in that everyone works together towards one ultimate goal.”
  • “We utilize Ping Pong tables for a lunch break and almost everyone puts in extra effort and time at work but receives generous retirement contributions in turn.”
  • “The best thing about Kimley-Horn is the people. As well, the mostly flexible hours and benefits are added bonuses.”
  • “This company rewards its employees for their hard work in a real way with incredible retirement, health care, and financial rewards. “
  • “We shift employees around to meet client needs/deadlines. Technology is an important element to keeping us efficient and effective.”
  • “The quality of people here is higher across the mix of staff than other places I have worked. The company shares profits with all employees. The bonuses and contributions to the 401(k) are much higher than anywhere else I have worked.”