In a presentation to investors, Valeant executives on Monday spelled out in great deal why the Canadian firm decided to buy Raleigh-based Salix (Nasdaq: SLXP) in a deal worth $14 billion.

We’ve got a slide show about the Valeant presentation. 

Taken from the Valeant presentation, the slides document why Valeant believes Salix is “an attractive entry into a growing therapeutic area.”

In other words, gastrointestinal diseases.

Slide 1 recounts “deal highlights.”

Slide 2 spells out the “attractive entry” discussion

Slide 3 discusses “why gastrointestinal”

Slide 4 describes why Salix is a “clear leader” in the gastrointestinal market

Slide 5 tracks the growth of Salix

Slide 6 discusses why Canada-based Valeant sees Salix as a “growth platform” in the U.S.

Slide 7 details the “inventory” issue which blew up at Salix late last year as it mulled other deals and a possible acquisition by Allegran. 

Slide 8 describes key products of Salix

Slide 9 is the dreaded “synergy’ slide,” which spells out where cost savings will be found in the combined company.

For all the slides, view the “slide show” accompanying this post.