Ride-sharing service Uber is capping its prices during the state of emergency declared for North Carolina. However, Uber also is asking for patience from people seeking rides due to the slick roads. 

In a blog post and in a separate email to media outlets, Uber noted that while “dynamic pricing” remains in effect, prices will have a ceiling.

Also, the number of destinations for Uber drivers will be “limited.”

Dynamic pricing, which is in large part based on supply and demand plus such things as holidays and major events, has led to complaints in recent months about fares.

“Due to the state of emergency declared in North Carolina, dynamic pricing will be capped,” Uber said in a blog on Monday.

“This reflects Uber’s national policy that balances the goal of reliable transportation options with affordability during disasters: any time a disaster or state of emergency strikes, dynamic pricing is capped.”

Uber, which offers service across much of the Triangle, also said additional revenues produced by dynamic pricing would be donated to the American Red Cross. 

In the email to media, Uber asked that customers be aware of several points:

  • “Higher than normal ETAs [estimated time of arrival]: Please be patient as demand for rides may be higher and wait times may be longer than usual
  • “Limited destinations: We have reminded partners of the importance of driving safely in inclement weather – in areas where there is uncleared snow, driver partners may not be able to pick up or drop off riders
  • “Take caution: Please monitor news sources for the most up-to-date information about the storm and follow federal, state, and local safety directives