Volunteer work in 20 countries around the world., including in many of our states’ inner cities, proved to Robert Burns that a new approach is needed to get children out of poverty. 

The former Eisenhower Fellow who now brings commercial opportunities to emerging international markets at the Raleigh firm Grundy Burns believes technology and analytics in addition to his consulting practice can help. He and a team of executives and data scientists in nations around the world have built a predictive analytics modeling software they call Hourglass that can both identify where suicide bombings will happen next in Pakistan and predict the number of teenage pregnancies that will happen in Wake County in 2016.
At last week’s 1 Million Cups event at Research Triangle Park, Burns pitched the new company, PredictifyMe, and shared his vision for a business that uses data to change outcomes around the world.
He was joined by Darren Chertkow, CEO of Acceleforce, a Washington D.C.-based Salesforce optimization platform that prepares, trains and monitors sales people (starting with the pharmaceutical industry) to improve the chances they’ll make a sale. Chertkow is a UNC graduate and was a 2014 member of CED’s Venture Mentoring Service.

Check out their 10-minute pitches below: