North Carolina’s “Gigabit City” is getting some attention in Washington, D.C.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is supporting a proposal made by city officials in Wilson dealing the expansion of broadband service.

The Wilson Times reported ( that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed doing away with state laws in order to allow the expansion of broadband services offered by municipal governments.

An announcement by Wilson regarding so-called “net neutrality” is expected in the near future,

The City of Wilson has built its own gigabit Internet and related entertainment services under the name Greenlight.

​North Carolina is among the states that have passed laws closely regulating the building of fiber-optic networks by municipalities.

The newspaper reported that Wheeler issued a statement Monday indicating support for the request made by Wilson and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Wheeler said that communities know broadband access is a key to economic development.

It’s not clear how extensive the changes would be. But the proposal could set a national precedent for municipal broadband expansion.

Wilson and Chattanooga have asked the FCC to rule on the issue and say a decision could come at a Feb. 26 meeting.

Information from: The Wilson Daily Times,