RALEIGH, N.C. – The cloud and high-speed broadband make a good combination for NeoNova.

The Raleigh-based company empowers hundreds of business, telco and ISP customers with 21st century cloud-based technologies all over the country, delivering a wide array of subscriber, network management and professional services backed by some of the industry’s top professionals.

Last year NeoNova added 41 rural ISPs and telcos as affiliate customers, making it the most successful year in NeoNova’s 15-year history.

Chris Benyo, general manager of cloud services and vice president of sales and marketing at NeoNova, sat down with WRAL TechWire this week to talk about the astounding growth of the company the last few years and what’s next.

What do you contribute to this growth, and where do you see NeoNova going forward?

First of all, we couldn’t be more proud of the job we did in 2014, and everyone in the company played a vital role in making this our most successful year. We’ve set the bar even higher for 2015. Right now, big things are happening in regards to cloud. Not only is the cloud industry itself growing, but all other industries are making use of the cloud. Here are a few examples … the manufacturing industry uses the cloud to optimize processes, the education industry uses the cloud to reach more people, and the medical industry uses the cloud to ensure patients receive the proper treatment. Perhaps the biggest impact of the cloud is on small businesses. Small businesses often take more time to adopt new technologies, like the cloud, but small businesses could see a massive, positive effect in a very short period of time. With the cloud, customers don’t need to have dedicated space for servers; they have access anywhere, anytime to files or systems, more security and less likelihood of data loss. What these factors all boil down to really is saving money. The cloud truly is immersive and pervasive, and often it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

Can you discuss the company’s relationship with Google, and the role it plays in your deliverables?

NeoNova is a Google Apps for Work Premier Partner and one of the largest Google Apps for Work resellers in the United States. But, we don’t just sell Google Apps for Work through a network of experienced dealers, we set up your entire cloud platform, migrate your business from your existing platform, train all employees how to use it, support your entire company with U.S.-based, certified support staff, and provide strategic services to ensure you get the most out of Google Apps for Work.

What about Google Fiber coming to Triangle?

The current landscape is a prime example of how quickly the tech market has taken off in the Triangle, and how the country views this area as a hotbed for innovation. People rely on the actual transfer of information now more than ever, and having high-speed Internet allows people to create, communicate and collaborate with increased efficiency and reliability. For example, streaming video, downloading movies and online gaming all involve people accessing the cloud from their homes. Video conferencing, transferring secure data and real-time online collaboration involve people accessing the cloud from their business. However, each of these examples may be accessed on-the-go thanks to the cloud, but they require reliable high-speed Internet access, which Google Fiber provides.

So, what’s going on in the cloud industry in general?

The cloud is ingrained into our daily lives now – whether we know it or not. People don’t always think about the fact that most of the online/mobile products and services they’re using are cloud-based. But, we don’t worry about whether people make a conscious decision to use the cloud; we worry about making sure the cloud is always accessible to them. We think of the cloud like oxygen. It’s always here. It’s necessary. And, you may not notice it or think about it, but if it was gone, you might be in trouble.

What makes NeoNova different?

Neonova is a customer-first company. Expertise, quality, tailored solutions, robust security, guaranteed products and real human being help allows NeoNova to meet high expectations for our customers with proven success. As a full-service technology arm for the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC), NeoNova enables businesses and rural ISPs to focus on what they do best: take care of their customers and break the “digital divide” between rural and urban markets. Customer service is what drives the success of the cloud, and our customers are what drive our success at NeoNova.

Thanks for the time, Chris.

You’re welcome, anytime.