SmartLink, which aims to help doctors cash in on a new revenue opportunity called Chronic Care Management or CCM, is off to a fast start.

Founded by veteran entrepreneur Siu Tong, the company has developed technology designed to link physicians and doctors as well as providers.

Physicians that do so can receive $40 per month per patient through Medicare.

The funding, which is coming from a series of angel investors, is being announced today. 

  • Inside the deal:

“For physicians interested in providing CCM services, we are able to solve a very complex, multi-faceted problem in a quick and cost effective way,” said Tong in announcing the funding.

“In a matter of days, our customers are up and running and able to bill for CCM services.”

In a Q&A with WRAL TechWire, Tong added more details.

“Our solution looks to address patient engagement by delivering an active and efficient patient-provider communication tool – one that fits into the current lifestyles of patients, and processes of practices with little change, and that can be adopted by all – regardless of where patients are, or what healthcare portals they are on.”

The new Medicare benefit kicked in as of Jan. 1. Physicians and healthcare providers are under continuing pressure to bring down costs and face reduced reimbursements. The CCM represents an opportunity for doctors and providers to bring in a new stream of revenue. 

That’s where SmartLink comes in.

Tong is certainly familiar with the healthcare industry through his experience at Cary-based Infina Connect. The IT firm is focused on cloud-based solutions in healthcare and was a finalist in the 2013 Wall Street Journal startup of the year contest.

Tong stepped aside as its CEO in the fall of 2013 and has since then worked on launching SmartLink as a spinoff.

SmartLink’s first product is called Pocket HealthNet, which the company says allows patients to connect with “any clinic through a single itnerface.”

The app includes:

  • patient appointment management
  • pre-registration
  • check-in
  • document sharing
  • other “routine” tasks

Communications are handled through text messages.

And the system operates both ways with providers being able to reach patients, responding to requests or sending reminders and to broadcast news or alerts to certain “patient populations.”

SmartLink says it utilizes an “innovative broadcast capability” to link patients and their healthcare providers. 

A doctor who invested in SmartLink said in the announcement he likes what he sees in the offered solution.

“We are very impressed with the team behind Smartlink and their innovative approach to improving communication between patients and providers,” said Andre Tse. “Their offering is truly unique and is already gaining acceptance with users.”