This is the first in a series of stories about NC companies and tech trends at the annual CES happening this week in Las Vegas. Writer Jivan Achreja spends a day soaking up as much of the event and energy as possible.

It’s easy to describe CES as a haven for tech geeks and nerds, but this description sells short both the participants and the event. The vast array of products and services showcase applied science and engineering in a commercial mindset, meaning the hard work of intelligent and skilled people isn’t lost in a lab somewhere but made accessible—and usable—to the general populace. 

For those who have never had the pleasure of attending, CES is overwhelming. There are over 1.67 MILLION net square feet of viewable space. Companies come from all over the world and have been doing so annually since 1967. Ironically enough, the very first CES was a spinoff of the Chicago Music show. CES has historically been a place where the largest tech product launches and advances have been announced across all industries from telecom to web development to automotive and beyond. 

CES provides a venue for companies to showcase their latest and greatest masterpieces, for company representatives to network and to make business deals, and for all participants to learn more about the technological offerings available to them. This flow of goods, services and ideas propels us to pursue better technology, more efficient processes, and increasingly enriching applications of science and engineering in our daily lives. 

I can’t wait to see these products on the shelves and get my hands on new tech to try it out. 
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