Annually, the biggest tech conference with the largest impact throughout the space is CES. 

CES is not just a “Consumer Electronics” show. As it stands today, it serves as the intersection of the technology, fashion, automotive, software and hardware industries all wrapped into one jam-packed event. CES still stands as the pinnacle and proverbial mecca of technology events throughout the year. CES is also the best place in the world to learn about emerging advances in technology innovations. 
The amount of information that can be learned is absolutely overwhelming. I am attending to bring a bit of the advances and entrepreneurial spirit of NC to the rest of the world and see what they have to offer us back. Though the show started Tuesday, I arrive today and will be reporting back here in the days to follow.
My predictions: This year, home automation and the Internet of Things will see some of the biggest product launches and advances to date. Integrations with smartphones and applications will also have a larger presence as they are becoming more and more crucial to the success of consumer electronics.
Follow me on Twitter at @achreja. And here’s a list of others in the Triangle, along with Twitter handles, demoing or visiting the show. If we’ve missed you, please tweet me and @exitevent and we’ll add you to the list or pay a visit in Vegas.
Validic, @validic
Automated Insights, @AInsights
Guidebook, @guidebook 
Wireless Research Center of North Carolina, @WRC_NC
ASSIST (Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies Center) at NCSU, @ASSIST_NCSU
Valencell (Co-founder and President Steve LeBoeuf is presenting), @valencell_inc
Cary Audio Design, @caryaudio