The “sharing economy” debate is intensifying in Raleigh as a public meeting Monday night about AirBNB spilled over to include comments about Uber, paying taxes and fees – and who do you call in an AirBNB emergency?

Twitter was alive with Tweets from the event, a “trending” event for the Capital City. (Check out WTW’s Twitter feed for more comments and photos at:

Our own’s marketing guru Lisa Jeffries attended and put together a Twitter feed for WTW.

While a taxi driver confessed he’s being hurt by ride-sharing service Uber, a number of entrepreneurs spoke out in defense of such “sharing” for car rides and rentals.

Justin Miller, founder of Raleigh-based photo sharing service WedPics, was among the sharing defenders.

So too was Gregg Stuben, the Raleigh resident who triggered the AirBNB debate by renting out a room, Stuben set up the meeting but couldn’t attend since he was at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas. But he dial in via videoconference and kicked off the session at the Architect Bar.

Here are some of the tweets:

  • IVia @Airbnb Econ benefits: people stay longer, spend more overall (studies in Boston, LA) – hosts give recommendations #RalAirbnb
  • “Every city, county can levy their own, legislation could make regulation singular process at state level.” Q by @PamSaulsby, A by @Airbnb
  • Mary-Ann Baldwin @maryannbaldwin · @ImJustinMiller when talent comes here, they don’t ask where the chain hotels and restaurants are. They want local flavor. #ralairbnb
  • Cyn Macgregor @CynJustCyn  - Yay! Max from @airbnb is here to answer lively, drama rich questions. I’m impressed with the whole convo. #RalAirbnb
  • Lars Bredahl @LarsBredahl  - Definitely a good mix of Old #Raleigh and New Raleigh at #RalAirbnb. Classic town hall crowd.
  • Tera Caldwell Simon @tcaldsimon = @ImJustinMiller I may have thrown a fist pump into the air when you were talking. #RalAirbnb gives you a chance to try new neighborhoods.
  • The guy from @Airbnb is here to add a few $0.01 – same-day travel can be tough.
  • “This is the first step to getting future residents in to experience” #RalAirbnb
  • Nathan Spencer @NathanSpencer  - There’s an incredible feeling being surrounded by entrepreneurs in Raleigh #RalAirbnb
  • Ann-Cabell Andersen @anncabell  - Condos covenants restrict #RalAirbnb “@BonnerGaylord: @andybechtel They’re not. That’s the question… How do we do what’s most fair?”
  • JayDawkins @dawkinsjay  - ”Common sense” getting thrown around at #RalAirbnb forum like “hallelujah” at a gospel revival
  • ornamentea @ornamentea  - All #RalAirbnb talk is all innovation. We approached elderly neighbor to inform before we listed, she said ‘oh, everyone used to do that!’
  • “I feel much safer using a public platform like this than something like Craigslist” – real estate owner #RalAirbnb
  • Candace Sweat @WRALCandace  - ”Common sense, reasonable regulation. I think we can all agree on that.” Discussion underway #RalAirbnb @WRAL
  • Leo Suarez @dtraleigh - Yes, there are negative experiences on @Airbnb. There are also negative experiences at Marriott, Sheraton…. 
  • Andy Bechtel @andybechtel - @dtraleigh My issue is taxes. Do @Airbnb lodgings pay Wake’s occupancy tax? They should. 
  • [Next] quote is from a Boylan Heights real estate owner #RalAirbnb
  • “We were early adopters in 2008 – there were only 3 other listings. I want you to understand the safety devices @Airbnb puts in place”
  • John Odom, city council: “this is zoning issue” businesses not allowed in neighborhoods, Important to have convo b/c we are a small biz comm
  • [Next] quote was from @ImJustinMiller - “big fan of devils advocate – there are some bad experiences on @Airbnb” but there are feedback processes so you don’t experience it twice
  • jwainwright @jwainwright  - @Postgrad Depends on pricing of hotels where I want to go. Sometimes it’s really about price in a global tourism economy.
  • “People who have stayed talk about walk ability of the neighborhood and the shop keepers they have met” local real estate owner
  • J. King White @JKingWhite - And suddenly the convo became one about taxis and @Uber…
  • lmao MT @dawkinsjay: RT @RaleighReporter: Given size of this #RalAirbnb forum, @RaleighGov should hold all public hearings in downtown bars
  • “@RaleighGov taxicab inspectors office is a great credit… You’re safe when you ride with us” 
  • “I’m feeling the pinch because I’m a taxi-cab driver”
  • Russ Stephenson from City Council takes the microphone to make his position heard.
  • JayDawkins @dawkinsjay  - #RalAirbnb panel features local hosts, tech leaders, and giant Skype head of @GreggStebben.
  • William N. Finley IV @WNFIV  - What if the Airbnb users who stay with you never leave? Do you call 911? Arrest them? Claim them as dependents on your taxes? 
  • @MattNowak1 @theinfamousj I wonder why @Airbnb is breaking the rules? Why now? Why not @homeaway or @vrbo ten years ago? 
  • T Greg Doucette @greg_doucette · Just as the internet democratized the publishing industry, companies like @Airbnb are democratizing others. Keep it going. 
  • Next up, the guy you can’t miss at Raleigh tech events, @ImJustinMiller #RalAirbnb
  • “We’re going to stick out like a sore thumb” if we get into regulating things that are available in other communities. @GlobalDataCon
  • CEO of Global Data Consortium, Bill Spruill, travels regularly and uses @Airbnb to judiciously save his company money. #RalAirbnb
  • Hughens rents part of her 3,000 sf Downtown Raleigh property on @Airbnb and thinks of it, and herself, as a Raleigh ambassador 
  • Loud applause for @GreggStebben’s opening remarks. Well spoken and minimal disruption from the video conference
  • #ralairbnb is now trending in #Raleigh
  • Ann-Cabell Andersen @anncabell · - It’s a HUGE discussion about #Airbnb in Raleigh… Interesting?! For or against, good interaction……
  • WRAL TechWire @WRALTechWire ·”I think this is a crucial issue for Raleigh… We are a tech-center, we are an innovation hub… @Airbnb is part of that” @GreggStebben
  • Gregg Stebben opens via video from CES in Las Vegas — he’s the property owner who started this whole conversation.
  • WRAL TechWire @WRALTechWire  - Don’t want to hear a law school lecture tonight? Find a mic and participate.
  • Opening introductions at the @Airbnb town hall and it is already standing room only – packed at @architectbar