Sometime your phone rings at the most inconvenient times. If you had a smartwatch, you could see who is calling without digging for your phone.

Consumer Reports recently tested six new smartwatches that all work easily with smartphones phone via Bluetooth – alerting you to phone calls and messages.

But to go beyond the basics, Carol Mangis with Consumer Reports recommends considering a watch that uses the Android Wear operating system.

“Android Wear is a real game-changer for smartwatches,” she said. “Not only can you use voice commands to do searches, but it also pushes relevant information to the watch.”

For example, it will tell you what time to leave for an appoint and how long it will take you to get there.

The Samsung Gear Live costs $200. The color touchscreen will even display stock prices, weather and your heart rate.

This $230 LGG Watch is another good choice for Android users.

But if you’re an Apple fan, there really isn’t an obvious choice here for iOS users.

“They’re harder to operate because they’re push button instead of touch screen, and they’re a little harder to see,” Mangis said. “But I think what everybody is really anticipating is the Apple Watch.”

That’s expected to come out next year, beginning at about $350.