Reading down through the new jobs report from NCTA, a reader finds a buried, encouraging nugget:

“While the trend in job postings in this industry is flat employment is on the rise.”

Yes, the average number of advertised information technology jobs across North Carolina fell slightly in November from October. But look at the good news: The daily average is higher than in the same month each of the previous two years.

A persistent, troubling data point in the monthly jobs information as reported by the North Carolina Technology Association has been the fact job openings trail those of previous years despite the ongoing economic recovery since the 2009 recession.

However, the growing economy coupled with the falling overall jobless rate in the state appear to reflect a rising tide that is lifting many boats, so to speak, when it comes to hiring.

The daily average last month was 3,700.

While down slightly from the 3,780 in October, the November 2014 average tops November 2013’s 3,230.

it’s also higher than the November 2012 total of 3,550.

The report is further proof of N.C. State Economist Dr. Michael Walden’s belief that the state’s job market is back to pre-recession levels although challenges remain.

Plus, the local jobs board at “Jobs Under the Big Top” lists over 460 open jobs alone right now in the Triangle.

Progress is progress. 

“As predicted last month, employers did not move much in respect of their labor demand,” the NCTA Monthly IT Job Trends report based on data compiled by talent management firm SkillProof says. However, it adds:

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics hiring in the state is strong. Despite unemployment being above the national average, North Carolina added 91,700 jobs this year so far, much in technology strong industries like Information, Professional Services and Financial Activities.” (Emphasis added.)

North Carolina did run contrary to the national average where IT job postings ticked up 1.5 percent.

However, NCTA noted: “Employers in IT Services posted more job opportunities last month. Job postings from Financial Services companies declined. This sector had its periodic ups and downs since the last recession ended.”

Here’s the good news: “While the trend in job postings in this industry is flat employment is on the rise.”

The Numbers

General categories:

Breaking down job availability by IT category with November 2013 in parenthesis:

  • Total IT Job Market 3700 (3230)
  • Systems Eng./Support 980 (880)
  • IT Management 760 (680)
  • Software Development 650 (550)
  • IT Architects/Consultants 450 (480)
  • IT Sales and Marketing 220 (170)
  • Business/Process Design 200 (160)
  • Hardware Engineering 180 (150)
  • Systems Administration 160 (70)
  • Training/Tech Writing 40 (30)
  • Misc.IT Job Categories 70 (70)

Skill set:

Breaking down job openings by skill category (November 2013 in parenthesis):

  • Java 780 (670)
  • SQL 770 (560)
  • Windows OS 570 (410)
  • Oracle DBMS 470 (440)
  • Unix 430 (270)
  • Linux 400 (280)
  • Large system tech. 400 (410)
  • Business Analysis 390 (430)
  • C++/VC++ 380 (370)
  • Web Services 370 (270)
  • Offshore team coordination 320 (240)
  • JavaScript 310 (130)
  • OO (analysis/design/programming) 260 (200)
  • XML 260 (230)
  • Perl 260 (280)