Teaming with SAS, the Town of Cary is utilizing software branded as “Aquastar” to constantly monitor water usage. The system benefits consumers and the Town with savings estimated at $10 million a year, Cary’s finance director says.

The government news-oriented publication Government Executive gave Cary and SAS, which operates its headquarters in Cary, a shout-out on Friday.

“[W]ater customers in this sprawling Raleigh suburb of more than 150,000 residents now have a new tool to give them more detailed information about their water use and take action when there might be a problem,” the story says.

“It also allows Cary’s town government to be proactive and alert specific customers when there’s an abnormal spike in water use, which might signal a leaky toilet or, potentially, a more severe problem that could result in a huge water bill if not attended to.Aquastar, as Cary has branded the system, remotely takes water readings every hour and relays them from a water customer meters to the town government’s database via a battery-operated radio transmitter.”

The system is designed as well to improve water conservation and to alert customers about possible leaks, such as a toilet going bad, Government Executive reports. 

The project cost $17.9 million, but the Town alone sees a recouping of $10 million at least. 

“When you can tell the town council that you’re saving $10 million, it’s a great story to tell,” Karen Mills, Cary’s finance director, said.

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