A local startup is going up against WordPress and Squarespace with the publishing platform PencilBlue (which the new ExitEvent is built upon). Co-founder Blake Callens has written about the build up of the company and software here, but he also pitched the new business at the weekly 1 Million Cups event at Research Triangle Park. 

He was joined by Chris Fierer, director of innovation and product management of Cary’s Medfusion, which provides scheduling and patient portal software to doctors’ offices. In November, Medfusion announced it’d reached 10 million patients using its software. That’s just over a year after the company’s founder and CEO Steve Malik purchased it back from Intuit (he sold it for $91 million in 2010). Learn more about Medfusion’s growth, and its new product called Clair, in the 1 Million Cups pitch below.