Bull City Venture Partners, which formally launched earlier this year, is going all the way to San Francisco for an investment. But it’s in a deal run by a familiar face: Ryan Allis, the former CEO and co-founder of iContact.

Bull Cit is led by Dave Jones and Jason Caplain. Both know Allis from their roles at Raleigh-based Southern Capitol Ventures.

Allis moved to San Francisco after he and co-founder Aaron Houghton sold iContact in 2012 for $169 million.

The new venture for Allis, called Connect, raised a total $10.3 million Series A round.

mong the investors are: Kinzon Capital, Marc Benioff who is CEO of Salesforce, Launch Fund and angel backers Brad Feld and Cyan and Scott Banister.

Connect has now raised $13.1 million in funding.

Allis co-founded Connect along with Anima Sarah LaVoy.

“The idea is simple: we’re bringing all your people into one place, putting them on a map of the world so you know where they are. Connect is helping you find more opportunities to see your people in person,” said Allis of his new venture. he serves as CEO.

LaVoy is chief product officer.