Forward Triangle, which replaced Triangle Entrepreneurship Week and was one of the region’s highest-profile events focused on startups, is no more.

Founder Jon Leonardo is moving on to a new startup focusing on what it says will be unique events linking artists and their audiences.

The new venture, called TanZGroup, unveiled its first event on Monday. It includes an electronic dance music album and concert with a kickstarter campaign that raised a whopping $60,000-plus in under 24 hours.

Leonardo and co-founder Sarah Wechsberg launched Triangle Entrepreneurship Week in 2012, bringing together entrepreneurs, mentors and sponsors through a series of events with the goal of sparking more startups and action within the community.

“We bring together entrepreneurial communities to provide resources, knowledge and connections for businesses to succeed,” TEW pledged.

In 2014, Leonardo rebooted TEW as Forward City and looked to expand the concept to multiple markets.

Despite some growth, Leonardo conceded the dream fell apart.

“After a series of unfortunate events regarding sponsorships and mistakes from my end, Forward City was unable to continue to grow,” he says.

“We did make it out to a dozen markets but continuing growth in those cities as well as others, the funding just never came.”

In an email announcing his career change, Leonardo says he met people who came to be his partners in forming TanZ Group.

“As many of you know, over the last year I have been traveling and meeting a lot of people, but no one was ever quite sure what I was up to,” he says. “Through Forward City and Entrepreneurship Week I was able to connect with all of you and do our best to support entrepreneurs. This journey has led me to connect with my business partners and create TanZ Group.”

TanZ’s first gig could be a big one. It’s a multimedia live concert featuring electronic dance music (EDM) artist Brian Transeau, otherwise known as BT, and Tommy Tallarico, the composer and creator of Video Games Live. 

Called “Electronic Opus,” the album, is set for release March 29 coupled with a live concert in Miami.

“Combining the talents of multi-platinum EDM recording artist, film composer, and technologist Brian Transeau (BT) and the award-winning composer and Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico, Electronic Opus features BT’s signature EDM hits re-imagined, re-arranged and remixed with a full orchestra,” TanZ Group promises.

The event will feature a 42-piece orchestra. 

“We have spent over a year planning this event,” Leonardo says.

“Monday] we announced our Kickstarter campaign for the album for BT’s Electronic Opus. Needless to say, I am very excited but I need your help to make this project a reality. We’ve already raised over [60]K in under 24 hours!!!”

Check out the kickstarter campaign at: