Come next spring, fans at Durham Bulls games can expect super Wi-Fi access powered at gigabit capacity from Frontier Networks. Capitol Broadcasting CEO Jim Goodmon has a vision for Wi-Fi powering just about everything fans want to do, expect hit fourth in the batting order.

Maybe virtually?

Well, anyway, a Starbucks in Kansas City shows what’s coming to the Bull City. 

Through its Google Fiber community blog, Google spells out how the Starbucks at 41st and Main in Kansas City is enabling customers to “get super-fast Internet with their Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

A direct fiber connection to Google’s fiber backbone is enabling the Starbucks to offer Wi-Fi access in abundance to a small army of simultaneous users.

But that’s not all. 

“Community tables” complete with Chromebook notebooks (you expected Macs? ThinkPads? Surfaces?) that Google’s Rachel Merlo writes is “wired directly to Google Fiber.”

The Starbucks also features wireless charging technology.

“With these new connections, there’s plenty of bandwidth for everyone to search, stream, and share—without the loading bars or buffering,” Merlo says.

Which brings us to Goodmon’s vision for Bulls Stadium and the Bulls, who are run by Capitol. (Capitol is the parent of WRAL TechWire, too.)

Just two weeks ago, Frontier announced its first fiber deployments in the Triangle to enable gigabit Internet access, beating AT&T to the punch. (AT&T is to build the North Carolina Next Generation Network, but no announcements have been made yet about deployments or schedule.) Whether Google will pick the Triangle for fiber is yet unknown. Maybe in time for Christmas?

First, Fastest

Capitol is one of Frontier’s first customers, signing on for fiber access to the American Tobacco Historic District, which is adjacent to Bulls Stadium. Frontier plans to install super-fast, big-capacity Wi-Fi at Bulls Stadium.

Goodmon, a pioneer in technology from helicopters to Internet to high-definition TV and much more, believes in being first and fastest. So his plan is for the Bulls to provide Wi-Fi that enables fans to:

  • Browse during a game
  • Order refreshments
  • Order tickets
  • Well, just about anything you can use a wireless device for …

The Bulls, like Capitol, need to be at the forefront of technology, Goodmon said. 

So don’t be surprised if Goodmon and the Bulls do offer virtual batting cages where fans can suit up and take a swing at the best Triple A pitching talent around.

To a sports nut like me, that sounds better than a latte.