Editor’s note: In the second in a series of profiles featuring “Ten Startups to Watch” as selected for NCTA Beacon Awards, Ann Revell-Pechar profiles Charlotte-based Tapity. The story is featured in ExitEvent, a news partner of WRAL TechWire.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tapity is a three-year-old firm driven by design excellence. As a matter of fact, founder Jeremy Olson considers design an obsession.

As a developer of apps for the App Store, Tapity has received many accolades from the design-fixated Apple community. For example, the first product, Grades, helps students succeed in all their classes—and won an Apple Design Award. The next product was an offline translation app called Languages; it received the Best of 2012 award from Apple in the Intuitive Touch category. And Tapity recently released a product to help professionals with time-allocation called Hours, which was the #1 best selling business app in the store when it was first released.

Olson points out that two of the three products have outsold Angry Birds—and selling at up to five times the price. “We stood out, and then became the #1 business app,” he says. “Our success is not just about features, but how we solve human problems—whether for students dealing with an overload of work, travelers looking to communicate more effectively, or professionals remembering to record their hours. We’re not just about the technology, but about solving the human problem.”

The full post can be read at ExitEvent.