This series features companies chosen to showcase at the CED Tech Venture Conference. The 18 startups were chosen because, according to CED, they are “highly disruptive in their industries, demonstrating significant promise and traction by attracting high-profile customers and investors, and being led by founders with a compelling personal story and track record of previous entrepreneurial success.”

We got inside the Raleigh warehouse where local farmers and artisans deliver fresh fruits, vegetables and homemade goods each week for packing into cardboard boxes and delivery by stay-at-home-moms to thousands of North Carolina families. 
The Produce Box is the brainchild of entrepreneur Courtney Tellefson. She was launching her business in Charlotte last week when we paid a visit. But Crop Controller Kevin O’Donnell and Marketing Director Kristin Harper gave us the lowdown on a company that will deliver eight million pounds of food and surpass $6 million in revenue this year. We’ll be watching as the team also attempts growth beyond North Carolina. For now, a behind-the-scenes look at The Produce Box.