AT&T is in the process of engineering its ultrafast Internet footprint in the Triangle as part of the North Carolina Next Generation Network initiative, and a preview of what’s coming began Monday in Texas. Customers in Austin can now get access to gigabit Internet in some areas.

The service isn’t cheap, but certainly comparable to Time Warner Cable’s service at slower speeds: $70 per month if bunbled with other services; $99 as a stand-alone offer.

  • NC Internet speeds are s-l-o-w: Check out the national rankings.

Here’s a look at some other things AT&T is offering and some notes on what competitors are doing:

  • First, AT&T notes that its new network offers “up to 1 gigabit per second.” But this is an improvement from the 300 megabits-per-second launch in December.
  • Second, AT&T is offering introductory price and special offers – just as Google does in the markets where it deploys Google Fiber.
  • Third, the current 300 mbps users get the faster upgrade at no additional charge. Time Warner Cable is promising more speed for its Triangle customers next year – at no additional charge (but not at gigabit speed) 
  • Upgrades “will happen automatically” with customers not having to do anything, AT&T says. 
  • Because GigaPower as AT&T calls it is part of its U-verse entertainment product, it is adding a new app for entertainment. U-Verse is available in Raleigh but is not yet available in Durham.
  • Then there is the bundle offer – add AT&T Wireless for a special deal. 
  • Equipment cost waived
  • Installation waived
  • Activation fees waived
  • Add U-Verse entertainment and users get HBO and HBO Go free for three years.
  • The high-definition package is $120 per month.

GigaPower Offerings

In its announcement, AT&T spelled out the offerings included with the GigaPower service. 

  • “Ability to schedule DVR recordings, watch more than 100 live TV channels in and out of home, and watch video on-demand TV shows on more than 30 smartphones and tablets.
  • “Among the fastest Internet speeds available to consumers and small businesses in and around Austin. With Gigabit speeds, you can download 25 songs in one second.2
  • “Access to cutting-edge TV services that include an enhanced DVR with 1 terabyte of hard drive and can record five shows at the same time.”

AT&T and the NCNGN are set to announce first commitments for deployment in October.

Read more about GigaPower online.