RALEIGH, N.C. – Raleigh continues to top lists for business in 2014.

Raleigh is cool

Raleigh is one of the country’s coolest cities, according to Forbes.

Forbes places Raleigh at No. 18 on this list.

Factors that were considered included entertainment options, a “foodie” factor, cultural makeup, and population age.

Open for business

The capital city was ranked No. 3 to start a business, according to the the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s digital platform FreeEnterprise.com.

In Raleigh, the length of time to start a business was estimated at five days, and the cost is listed at $155. The city is home to 39,450 small business firms, while the state as a whole has 806,200 small businesses.

Small business accounts for 1.5 employed with a regulatory score of 73.7. Small businesses are defined in this ranking as those having fewer than 500 employees.

Earlier this year

Raleigh vaulted to No. 1 from No. 3 a year ago on the latest “Best Places for Business and Careers” report from Forbes magazine in July.

The 16th annual survey cites lower business costs, the broad level of advanced education and the presence of tech hub RTP as key factors in Raleigh’s success.

Being No. 1 is certainly not new for the Capital City.

Forbes ranked Raleigh as the top metro in 2011 and from 2007-2009.