At ExitEvent, we want you up on all the topics trending and news happening in the Triangle, so here’s a feature we run after each month ends recapping the most popular 10 stories and posts on our site. They’re ranked below based on page views.

No surprise here, but you guys like beer and energy drinks. Everyone is pumped about the Rocky Mount Brewmill and Mati Energy – they won the month by a bunch. We also had some interesting venture capital news and commentary, and the first two chapters of an active angel investor’s new book. ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo’s column continues to be a hit (He’s taking questions for future columns. Just email Readers also seem to be into an online publishing option besides WordPress, the topic of our third most popular post from July. Catch up on all the top stories in the list below.

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Thanks, and bring on August!

1. The Rocky Mount Brewmill: Crafting North Carolina’s Future in Beer

2. Mati Energy’s Journey to 75 Whole Foods Stores and Counting

3. Just Launched: The Online Publishing Platform of the Future

4. My Chance to Interview SXSW Interactive Director Hugh Forrest

5. STORIFY: How We Rally for Cali Investors

6. One Year Later, American Underground Doubles Footprint on Main Street

7. The Startup Hats: The Introduction

8. How to Get a Piece of BCVP’s New $26M Fund

9. The More Things Change…(The Mostly Inert State of the Limited Partner)

10. Ask Scot Wingo: Coming Up With Your Big Idea i.e. The Startup Idea Pattern