Remember that big hit “Wedding Bell Blues” from the 5th Dimension?

Well, there’s no such thing at Raleigh-based WedPics, which is cashing in to the tune of 30,000 brides a month and 5,000-plus weddings a weekend for a growing menu of services that enable brides, grooms, families, guests and the world to see those wedding days – in a growing number of ways.

“Oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day,” the lyrics go.

When couples get to the “I do” stage, WedPics is there (over the web) for all the photos. And the latest feature is custom, professional prints of photos delivered to the couple’s doorstep.

“We just released a worldwide printing solution, with our printing partner – U.K. startup Pwinty (,” says WedPics co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Justin Miller.

“WedPics now offers our users (on both mobile apps and web) the ability to select prints, sizes, quantities, and have them ship directly to your door – worldwide.”

Miller, a former IBMer, and his team that has grown to 16 is an emerging player in what is called the “Dated Wedding Websites” market place. These are “traditional wedding websites a couple would create on a site like,” he explains. And WedPics already has about 10 percent of the market, he points out.

Miller is hoping the revenue-sharing venture drives more dollars to venture-backed WedPics, which right now is doing nicely with its first money play: App Invite Cards. WedPics launched those in January and the money is rolling in. These “have generated six figures of revenue this year so far,” Miller says.

Why Custom Prints?

One might think the idea of custom wedding prints would be a dying opportunity, given how many people take their digital prints to a local story on a memory stick and print them out. Or maybe they even use a high-grade printer and paper at home.

Nope, says Miller, when he’s asked about why couples and families want prints.

“Simple answer: People want seamless automation,” he says.

Point. Click. Order. Boom. Package is in the mail.

So why pick a fellow startup for this new service?

“Our printer prints from the same production facilities as one of the biggest players in the printing space – which was critical to us to ensure the quality was top notch,” Miller explains. 

But there’s another factor, too – the kinship of startup.

“We discussed printing partnerships with a variety of companies, from large scale to start-up, and we found the best synergy with Pwinty,” he says. “Because they are similar in size to us they have the ability to react quickly and work with us based exactly on our needs – a relationship more commonly seen between a start-up/start-up vs a start-up/corporation.”

WedPics isn’t looking for any additional investment right now as the money begins to roll in. Still, Miller acknowledges, funding is “always in the back of my mind.”

Help Wanted

And the company continues to hire.

“We’re currently looking for a bad-ass Android developer,” says the CEO. 

WedPics is not only growing because of demand but also due to a growing menu of services as the company, in Miller’s words, is “taking on the dated wedding website space head on.”

“We recently released additional features across both apps and website for wedding events, accommodations, and registries,” he says.

“We proved out the photo app piece of this industry in our first year (2013) capturing approximately 10 percent of the US market, and are now focused on expanding the capabilities of the platform while continuing to simplify the overall experience.”

Miller says WedPics is looking for partners to participate in these new offerings. 

And the photos just keep rolling in – 2 million a month.