Rodar decided to start his own line last December, and so far, his SALVO LLC bags have received rave reviews on social media and from bloggers and suppliers. Now, he is creating a line of book bags that will be manufactured out of a small village in Spain.

Why Spain you ask? Because according to Rodar, “everybody who’s somebody in the leather goods industry manufactures there (Gucci and Prada to name a few).”

Nine months from now, Rodar says he thinks ThinkHouse will have helped him establish his brand.

Six others with equally ambitious goals will join Simpson and Rodar in ThinkHouse this fall. Here are brief descriptions of the men and women but stay tuned for full profiles from ExitEvent in coming weeks:

Michael Hoy, MusicBox
At 26-years-old, Hoy, a 2011 University of Maryland University College graduate, has created a venture with over 7,000 users in just three months. Music Box sends users emails with free music based on their favorite genres. It has been featured on and

Sophia Hyder, Evolvemint
Hyder graduated from the University of Virginia and then received a master’s in international development policy from Duke University. She’s using her degree to work with Bangladeshi women to produce a line of high-end scarves she hopes may someday make the pages of Vogue. While at ThinkHouse, she hopes to expand her socially-conscious manufacturing process to other countries.

Fabio Berger, Alex Browne & Soroush Jamali Pour, SF Robotics
These three recent Duke University grads started this venture, right now just a prototype of a humanoid robotic arm that can solve major software problems in an efficient and inexpensive way.

Nicholas Cioffi, Bulletin Mobile
Nicholas Cioffi has answered college students’ prayers. His company, Innovatech Holdings, created this platform to send push notification alerts to students as soon as professors post something about class assignments. Notifications being lost in the email are a thing of the past. Bulletin Mobile will launch at NC State this fall.

Jeremy Wall, E-MVMT
Night cyclists and pedestrians will be excited to hear about Wall’s invention. The recent NC State grad has created a sleek, low-light performance apparel line that uses electroluminescent wiring and reflectors to keep you safe at night.

Owen Jordan, RESQD
Jordan has a major passion is to help people. The recent NC State grad created RESQD to provide educational opportunities to orphans, and funds it by selling the orphans’ artwork. In just 10 recent days, Jordan raised $1,500 for the Agape Exchange School in Bungoma, Kenya.

Stay tuned for ExitEvent’s coverage of the ThinkHouse class over the next nine months.