(Editor’s Note: Brooke Johnson is a senior at Northside High School in Jacksonville and is interning this summer at MCNC in Research Triangle Park. She provided this guest submission as part of a new Summer Student Series now underway in The Broadband Report on WRAL TechWire.)

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. – When asked about technology ultimately everyone will say that while it has its technical issues at times, we could not go a day without it. And more specifically local teens and teachers in the Jacksonville area more than once stated that, “we cannot run a school without it.”

Chelsea Abad is a White Oak High School senior and in the top 10 percent of her class. She recently participated in an engineering class that required the use of technology for computer design.

“Technology is incorporated into all of my classes,” Abad stated. “Broadband connectivity is definitely important; everything is connected across the internet and without connectivity you wouldn’t be aware.”

Abad uses technology on a daily basis for social media and news, which is common to almost every teenager in the 21st century.

Dolly Grosskopf, the media coordinator at Northside High School in Jacksonville, explained that technology and broadband connectivity is extremely important in education because it can take you out of your own box so you can see the rest of the world.

“We can’t run a school without broadband connectivity,” Grosskopf said.

In the 21st century where technology, innovation and the internet is around every corner, it’s hard to escape the need for it. From the moment that we attend school until the end of our lives we are actively involved with technology.

Baby rockers with music, tablets for kids, calculators, laptops, home phones, cell phones, desktops, iPads, iPods, Mp3 players, microscopes and telescopes – the more we progress in society, the more technological advancements are required. And, the more we progress technologically, the more the internet is required.

The internet is the very system that allows us to receive information and communicate with the click of a button.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central once said: “The internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.” In a world where the internet is virtually significant in every classroom, the need for broadband connectivity is of great importance. It is what keeps our worlds interconnected and makes the ability for education to constantly expand and reach people from all walks of life.

With the use of technology and broadband connectivity the future of education is virtually unlimited.