Don’t ask Justin Miller of WedPics what’s happening unless you want to hear a barrage of news.

Good news,

It’s safer to ask if he’s added any new tattoos.

But the “tattoo guy” who flew the Raleigh flag at South by Southwest is one busy guy as WedPics’ growth explodes and the nation’s largest bridal chain says the WedPics app is the “Preferred Wedding App.”

But does he have a new tattoo? 

“Yeah man, lots of exciting things on the WedPics front,” Miller says when asked what’s going on.

Then he rips off a series of presents that are coming in as bridal season blooms.

“Currently acquiring 1 new bride every minute,” he says.


“Users are uploading 1 new photo every second.”


“We’re already hosting upwards of 4500 weddings/weekend and we’ve just started wedding season 2014.”


“We’ve surpassed 10 million uploads and 1.2 million users and 250,000 couples that have signed up to use WedPics for their special day.”

In case you want more …

“We’ve become the “Preferred Wedding App” of David’s Bridal.”

Which just so happens to be the nation’s largest bridal chain.

“Have another big partnership announcement coming in June.”

And if you haven’t been impressed yet, read on:

“Recently peaked at #30 in the Apple AppStore under “Social Networking”, alongside Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc – surpassing companies like: OKCupid,, MySpace, Foursquare, Swarm, and Zoosk.”

Good grief!

“Every weekend we’re in the 30’s now – and should be able to break into the 20s as we move into the thick of wedding season later this summer.”


And, finally, the tattoo question.

“Unfortunately no new tats since Austin’s “Sir Walter The Bat”, but I’m getting the itch again.”

He writes that with a smile.

I’d be smiling too with  business roaring like that. But I’ll skip the tats.