In this latest post from ExitEvent, founder Joe Procopio writes about the challenges of wearables – and what he believes must happen to make them successful. This story is part of a news agreement between ExitEvent and WRAL TechWire.

DURHAM, N.C. - I’m excited about wearables. I’m pretty much a fitness and a self-improvement nut, I’m a data fanatic, and I see a huge future in the Quantified Self and the Internet of Things. Unfortunately, however, after jumping in with both feet and trying several devices for anywhere from a few days to a few months, here’s my verdict on the tech.

I’m no longer wearing any wearable.

Thus, all this marvelous technology is still relegated to niche. To be honest, my six-year-old got more use out of most of the devices than I did, as the most expensive spy toys he’s ever been allowed to play with.

I’m not alone in this judgment call. I’ve read dozens of articles and reviews over the last two months claiming that wearables are still just a trend. And as angry and disappointed as I get with each new failure, each time I read something new I begrudgingly start to nod my head.

But then I remember that smart watches and wearables aren’t the same thing. A smart watch is a wearable, but it’s just one kind of wearable.

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