When Google narrowed its list of American cities to 34 that it would consider for the next installation of its one-gigabit-per-second Google Fiber Internet offering, city officials and residents across the Triangle were excited.

We had seven cities on the list. The chances seemed high some Triangle city (if not all) could be the winner.

But one pair of entrepreneurs took that excitement a step further. They created the now-viral hashtag #FIBEREDUP and then decided to make a movie to convince Google of this region’s commitment. Had they ever made a movie before? No. But that didn’t stop them.

Over two months, Arik Abel and Victor Marks of the American Underground @Raleigh-based startup Everest Live hijacked running groups, recorded Google Hangouts, visited high schools, interviewed toddlers, trekked around college campuses and polled other startups. They wanted to learn what impact Google has had on the lives of people throughout the region, and what even bigger impact it could have if Fiber came to town.

For Everest Live, which allows users to create hyperlocal broadcasting networks, faster Internet could make its platform (which could require live streaming events via a mobile device) work more smoothly.

Dozens of people showed up for the premiere last night at CAM Raleigh, and the city of Raleigh has already submitted the movie to Google for consideration as it narrows down its selections to one region by year’s end. So watch, and enjoy. My favorite part is the little kids and “The Larry and Sergey Show.”